Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Gospel - In the Trenches of Motherhood

I often talk to women who share with me a deep longing for more.  They want to give ALL to God and do great things for Him. They want to share the gospel and serve God in extreme ways. 

They ask me how they can do this.

I tell them they already are.

They don't like my answer.

I haven't found the words to convey to them the deep, gospel spreading, kingdom impacting, eternal work they are doing in raising their children and supporting their husbands.

 Let's start with the supporting the husband.

Sometimes it's just not about us. 

It is hard to take the back seat, to understand that we are called to stand by this man in what God has called him to and to further that work by encouraging, supporting and helping him in that call.  His call takes rank over my call - his call is my call.  It's such a confusing circle in man terms and yet in God's eyes who sees the married couple as one flesh - a beautiful picture of cooperation that the melding of these life callings makes perfect sense.

I know that it is very hard, but I HAVE to believe that all of this giving and supporting and behind the scenes work is impacting the kingdom for Jesus in a special way.

SEASONS - I always talk about seasons!  There will come a season when I will be able to walk side by side with my husband in ministry.  That is not the season I am currently in and I have to learn to excel in THIS season of separation.

 "Children tie the feet of the mother."


Oh the kids... The possibilities here are endless.  The far reaches of the world that might be impacted by our children are beyond comprehension.  It takes the hard work now, to have the beautiful fruit later.  Again, it's a giving work, a behind the scenes work, a day in and day out kind of work. The rewards? I can't tell you what the rewards will be, but I can tell you they will be great!

You know that old lady that walks up to you and tells you to ENJOY THEM because it goes by so quickly? She is trying to impart a secret to you, she is begging you not to miss the sweet moments, the tender moments, the laughter in the halls and kids around your ankles moments.  Her house is quiet now.  She has some regrets. She would go back and do it all over again in a heartbeat.  

Dwell in the land!
God has brought you here to this place and you have a discipleship job to do with these small humans that are on loan to you and you will be called into account for how good a steward you have been with these you have been charged with.

I know it doesn't feel world impacting, but your work as a wife and mother is so very important. I don't think we will be able to see the full impact of our lives until we reach heaven and our Lord is passing out rewards. :)

I know that when you teach a child how to say sorry and forgive, it doesn't feel like foot of the cross work, but it is.

I know that when you are holding a child through the night through illness, helping a teenager with algebra 2, disciplining a child for bad behavior, wiping up spills, cleaning counters - none of that seems like gospel work and if you are doing it in a rotten attitude, maybe it isn't.  If we live these motherhood days in hearts of service to God, our impact will be everlasting.

Don't be fooled by the world to despise the call, the gift, that you have been given.

Now, I'm off to play dolls for Jesus!